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What information is needed to place an order?

  • The exact VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is the most important data-point, which includes information about the make and model, type and even accessories of the car.

How much will the ordered spare part cost? How much will I have to pay?

  • We agree on the costs of the complete order based on an offer communicated upfront, which is then accepted and signed by the customer. Neither the seller, nor the buyer can alter prices after the offer has been accepted by both parties!

How much time does the processing of an order take?

  • Goods available on stock in Hungary are handed over at the counter, whereas goods transferred from our depot in Florida arrive after shipping on Friday on the next Tuesday. Goods not arriving until Friday at our storehouse in Florida, will be arriving in Budapest on Tuesday a week after.

Do I need to pay upfront? If yes, how much?

  • Yes, for orders placed in our shop we request 50% upfront payment. For all other types of orders we require 100% upfront payment.

Is it possible to order parts for other types of vehicles?

  • Yes. We offer parts for ships, jet-skis, motorcycles, trucks, buses, vans, airplanes, etc.

How long is the warranty time and what conditions apply?

  • We deal only with the selected goods, so in our last 5 years of business we only had 3 occasions in which warranty issues arose.
We provide a limited warranty usually as provided by the manufacturer due to certain conditions.

What should I do, if the part does not fit my vehicle?

  • Please, immediately call our shop, or Contact us, so that the exact needed part may be delivered with the next shipment.

What delivery conditions do you work with?

  • We deliver the ordered spare parts on special request. Any costs of delivery are charged to and paid by the customer. The choice of options for the transportation of goods includes various services.