American Spare Parts

American Spare Parts

Lexa Universal Ltd. trades in genuine and high quality aftermarket american spare parts. We offer spare parts at reasonable prices for selected car brands from the american, asian or european markets.

Manufacturer’s catalogs help us quickly and accurately identify needed spare parts.

We trade with goods from more than 800 manufactures!


We have spare parts for classic, veteran and modern american cars

Ordering spare parts:

  • We deliver ordered goods with a 3-5-7 days delivery time to Hungary.
  • We also accept orders for spare parts from other american manufacturers and companies not in our database, but in this case the customer takes full responsibility for the fitness and compatibility of the product. We accept no claims due to incompatibility or quality for orders placed with supploers outside our business scope, we only offer shipping and delivery in these cases.

Spare parts in our warehouse:

  • original and aftermarket filters,
  • angle belts,
  • brake pads,
  • spark plugs,
  • lights and other service materials

order special american optical and performance tuning parts, tuning kits and other accessories here

Order goods may be picked up in out store.

We deliver to our customers in the countryside by postal delivery service. The delivery fee is charged and paid by the customer, but we give an approximation about the shipping costs based on the weight and size of the package before the delivery is made.

Request an offer, and then order your needed spare part with us at reasonable prices!